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Welcome to the world of Adventure Travel

Hi there.

My name is Ethan Strydom and I’m a college kid who is very passionate about travel, experiencing different cultures and having as many adventures as humanly possible. I’m particularly interested in Adventure travel as well as promoting cheap affordable travel experiences.

​This blog is for the adventurous souls who are willing to experience the road less travelled on a budget. I believe that to really experience the culture of the countries you visit, you have to find travel experiences that are personal and meaningful to you. If you want to make the transition from typical tourist to a true traveller of the world then this blog is for you. I believe in slow budget travel that is on your own terms . I believe in truly immersing yourself in local cultures and I believe in true freedom and adventure.

​​This is a blog for the curious, the dreamers and the explorers. Bringing you articles that showcase the beauty and Adventure of our World. This is a place for Travel, Lifestyle and Adventure content to merge into one beautiful synergy.

I’m currently situated in Durban, South Africa so if you are near that area and would like to work with me email me at info@adventuredblog.com

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